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Mother Nature’s
(very own) soap

Sourced from the Himalayan Sapindus mukorossi tree, soap berries have been used to clean homes and bodies for thousands of years. Safe, beneficial, and more effective than chemical detergents*, soap berries remind us that Mother Nature knows best. 

Safe on the
Most Sensitive Skin

Soap berries are an ancient treatment for skin conditions. Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and fragrance-free, the soap berry lather is safe on dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and even delicate baby skin. 


We are only using your product for all of our linens going forward...THAT’s how much I believe in what you’re making.

That's what makes Nature First so exciting – a simple step in the right direction for every household across the world to use a healthy and environmentally friendly product.

What I love the most about Nature's First is the ease of use; one biodegradable capsule into the wash and all is set. My clothes feel and smell super clean, and we're doing something helpful for our planet! 

I finally feel safe hand washing my garments as well as wearing them, knowing my skin won't have any direct contact with chemicals. I’ve experienced rashes/skin irritation in the past with other detergents, but my skin feels great when washing with Nature First laundry pods!

Fragrance, dye & toxic-free

Renewable, sustainably wild-harvested, plant-based ingredients

Safe for babies & sensitive skin

Safe for all fine, tech & color fabrics

Biodegradable: safe for pipe, septic & gray-water systems

non-GMO & plastic-free

No animal products, never tested on animals

HE & washing machine compatible